To know whether to swim in the pond that you have chosen, it is possible in the local media. Annually by resolution of the heads of administrations of settlements appointed the official opening date of the swimming season and in the Annex to it published a list of the city's beaches. The responsibility for safety in the bathing areas, which are listed in the list takes over the local administration.
This means that the area of this beach will have explanatory labels that allow swimming in this place, and it will be carried out to clean the shores and the bottom of the reservoir, provided rescue and medical facilities. Near ponds to clean not only after winter, but every day, once in the afternoon here and swam and rested people. Especially careful in such places, cleaned the bottom, and to the work involved professional divers, cleaning stones, rebar, garbage.
After the reservoir you have chosen for swimming, not listed in the list, you can ask on the Internet whether it is safe. There you can see it natural or artificial, and those industrial facilities that are located in its basin. If any, then you better refrain from swimming in the water, it can lead not only to injuries of the feet and allergic reactions on the skin and mucous membranes.
The presence on the surface of the water Tina also should guard you. This means that the water in this reservoir does not flow, it stagnates and can serve as a breeding ground for any infectious diseases, for example, Escherichia coli. In such water can be harmful microorganisms and parasites that will harm your health.
Floating in the pond ducks and geese, livestock, drinking water from its shores, are not indicators of the quality and environmental safety of this place for swimming. Poultry and livestock can be carriers of various diseases, it is best to avoid this neighborhood.
Once you find a place, be sure to carefully inspect the bottom and the shore line. If near water, stick a dried tree trunks, most likely, at the bottom you can run into a sunken snag. And do not swim where the water flow velocity exceeds 0.5 meters per second, you can not cope with the flow.