Bathing places

All the beaches are open for campers, equipped with safety signs and boards with information. The bottom in places where you will bathe, necessarily examined by divers. Any study of water from drinking fountains and ponds are regularly conducted. Make sanitary-chemical, parasitological, physical and chemical, radiological and microbiological analyses.

In Moscow the summer season the beaches are open from 09:00 to 21:00.
All beaches set summer showers, frogs for little kids, closed cabanas, children's playgrounds. Cafes and bars with baby food and soft drinks. There are watercraft rentals, sports equipment and pedal boats.

Official places for bathing

One of the best beaches is "Silver Bor-2", located on the street of Taman. The area is great for families with children. On site for a surcharge a childrens Playground. Adults are invited to play volleyball, badminton, table tennis, chess, backgammon, checkers and Billiards. It is possible to rent sun loungers. The area is equipped with toilets, containers for garbage.

But "Silver Bor-3" is more suitable for young people. There are playgrounds for active games — volleyball, Frisbee, football. Almost every day there are tournaments for these sports. There are places for yoga.

A good equipped beach on the sandy banks of the Khimki reservoir and is called "left Bank". The big drawback of this area is the Leningrad highway passing nearby. There are power lines that is not safe for swimmers.

Some beaches have not yet been taken into operation, as the administration of the recreation areas did not provide documentation.
The elite area is considered a beach resort with an unusual name "beach club". It is also located on the Khimki reservoir. The area consists of a neat wooden paths, umbrellas, special coatings. Also here built a hotel and summer tents. A children's pool. Although the beach is a luxury, entry is free.

Near Moscow lies the village of Meshchersky lake, where people come to bathe with. There is a special area for a picnic, you should bring a grill and the necessary things and objects.

On ul. Vinogradova, 12, near the metro station "Teply Stan" Park "Troparevo" with a beach inside. So you can not only swim, but also walk in the Park.

Also the beaches are open to tourists on the areas "Lake White" on the street Zaozernaya, 2/6, "Academic ponds" on the street Big Academic, 38. In Zelenograd, there are two official places for bathing- "the Black Lake" and "Big city pond".