In order to remove the "bulldog" cheeks, try a set of exercises for the face. Doctors call it faulding. Its action is directed to return the facial muscles and the skin of the cheeks to its former elasticity. The sooner you start to perform exercises, the more noticeable will be the effect of it.
Start the exercise with the upper part of the sagging cheeks.
- Type in your mouth as much air as possible to keep your cheeks puffed. Approximately 5-10 seconds, hold your breath, then relax and exhale sharply.
Again inflate the cheeks, but this time the air drive right-left, up-down and in a circle.
- Try to blow out air pushing through the small crack between the lips. Then do it alternating through different corners of the lips.
- Put into a face palm. The fingers should be on the cheeks and the middle of the palm, on the lips. Now try to smile while providing resistance with your fingers. After each smile for a while and relax.
Repeat the above exercise for 10-15 times.
Now go to strengthening the lower part of the cheeks:
- Put the lower lip on top and then Vice versa.
- Slightly open mouth. The neck pull as hard as you can and put forward his lower lip, as if directing her to the nose. After that, relax.
- Pull forward as much as possible your lip. It is even possible to enhance the effect, put them into a tube. Pochakaite.