From the point of view of architecture, the Apple TV is a small computer. In the first generation consoles used processor architecture x86 - Intel Pentium M. In the second embodiment of the device applied to a processor with ARM architecture, more suitable for use in devices with low energy consumption. It is called the Apple A4 - the same installed in iPhone 4 and iPad. I wonder what his real manufacturer is Samsung, and during the trial between Apple and this company supplies the CPU does not stop.
Releasing the third version of the console, the manufacturer has used it in the processor Apple A5. In addition to the Apple TV, it is also used in devices iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. This chip is available from two companies - Samsung and TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company). It also has ARM architecture.
In the first version of Apple TV have a hard drive capacity of 40 or 160 gigabytes. This allows you to keep the downloaded materials locally. But the device was unnecessarily expensive. In this regard, in the second embodiment, the hard drive was replaced with 8-Gigabyte flash drive, and in the third it was decided to manage even without him, increasing the RAM from 256 to 512 MB. Due to this, the cost of the machine was very low - less than $100.
All versions of consoles can connect to home router by cable or through WiFi interface. Moreover, if in the first variant of the device has a wireless adapter that is compatible with B and G standard, the second and third he was also to maintain a standard of N. Also the second and third generation Apple TV has been added to the Bluetooth interface.
With the release of the second version of Apple TV owners of TVs with analog video inputs were disappointed: after all, the console was no more relevant outputs. Now connect your device to the TV was possible only through HDMI. But the rejection of the hard drive has drastically reduced the power consumption of the machine from 48 to 6 watts.
To control the device, you can use the Apple Remote, to resemble the iPod Shuffle. In addition, to control the Apple TV and the iPhone. In this case, instead of the infrared interface is used Wi-Fi.