Advice 1: Up to what age a man is considered a young man

If you want to understand up to what age can be considered a man, young man, you have to imagine that the use of this expression has two sides: speaking and legal.
Up to what age a man is considered a young man

Conversational value, and physiology

A young man, a very common treatment and expression. In Russia before 1917, this treatment was applied to male up to 50 years. He started to be the best fiance, acquire sufficient life experiences, position in society, accumulated wealth, only reaching that age. Most often, meeting a man fifty years of age, the girls have decided to marry him. Younger candidates were considered rare.

From the point of view of biology, the age periods men there are several. In this list are present: primary school children 6 to 12 years, adolescents from 10 to 18 years, young men from 17 to 21 years. Mature men divided into 2 periods: the first from 21 to 35 years and the second from 35 to 60 years. As you may have noticed, science does not allocate a specific period "young".
Green, early, young, juvenile, young, young – all are synonyms of the word "young" in the dictionary of synonyms N. Abramov.

The colloquial meaning of the word "young" in the age of adolescence ("juvenile" – ancient Serbian, "the boy" - Bulgarian) to adulthood. Still not old. Figurative meaning – the one who recently appeared to have originated. They also say "young man", meaning man, has preserved the vigor characteristic of youth into adulthood.

Based on these definitions, we can conclude that the phrase "young man" you can refer to the man from birth (green, early), ending 35 years.
If you are concerned about late fatherhood, for example, the medicine mentioned here, age – 40 years, some sources - 50 years. That is, all who are younger – young men.

Legal aspect

From the point of view of law, to young people in Russia were citizens at the age from 14 till 30 years, according to the "Strategy of state youth policy in the Russian Federation", approved December 18, 2006. But today it is possible to observe the displacement of the age limit for the category of "youth" up to 35 years.

From a scientific point of view, it is impossible without documentation to determine the age of a person. The development and maturation of man, in particular, is a highly individual process. Therefore, referring to the unknown man on the street, in transport, other public place, more likely to use neutral and respectful, the phrase "young man".

Advice 2: What if a male under the age of 15 years

For love there are no barriers. When in love the age difference more than 15 years, they can still understand each other perfectly, feel happy and enjoy every minute spent together. But if the insidious figures do not give to forget about yourself, you should learn some tips.
What if a male under the age of 15 years
Understand his feelings. Make sure that you have chosen this young man because of sympathy for him, and not because of any maternal desire to care about someone.
Be prepared for misunderstanding from the society. Not everyone can treat it with due respect and tolerance. Couples with a large age difference is perceived as something unusual and surprising. So please be patient.
Look closely at her chosen. Sometimes there is a risk to meet a gigolo who meets with older women only for money. Whether he is able to give you what you want: stability, a sense of protection, love, attention?
Don't focus on his age and not try to teach. The man could be frustrating if you're constantly reminded of your age difference. Carefully teach the guy, give him experience, but do it quietly. It can hurt, if you openly begin to teach him.
Clarify plans for the future, if you plan a long-term relationship. The future life of you and your companion can present quite differently. One will want a family and children and the other wants a quiet life in his pleasure. Find out all the uncertain moments in the beginning of the relationship, so you do not hurt too much.
Take care of yourself. Don't forget to look younger and more attractive in the eyes of a loved one, you need to make an effort. If you run yourself and your age will become too evident, the man can go in search of another lady.
Enjoy the relationship, no matter what. Even if you don't understand friends and family, live happily. If you are really good together, don't look around, trying to get the approval. In a relationship with a big age difference benefit both partners.
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