To make sure, that the pond is safe for swimming, find information about it on the Internet or in local media. As a rule, in the bathing season (may to September) is carried out sanitary-epidemiological control of water and beaches located within the city limits or near them. If the study place of rest corresponds to sanitary norms, information about it is communicated to residents through the media or by posting on the beaches of the signs "Bathing is forbidden!" or "bathing permitted".

If the coastal area is not landscaped, the water body is unlikely to receive the status allowed to use the recreational facilities. When beaches are littered or cluttered with construction equipment, this body of water not suitable for swimming. Only well-controlled coastal area – an indicator of security.

Ideal for swimming, is a pond, whose banks are equipped with changing cabins, toilets, garbage containers and car Park. There must be a medical professional and on duty lifeguard.

When you receive permission to use the water body as a recreational area also takes into account the presence of showers, sport grounds, rental of swimming facilities and a cafe where you can eat. For children on the waters enclose a special shallow area, where swimming is safe.

Bottom for safe bathing waters should be cleared of debris and thick weeds. Adjacent to the waterbody must not be an industrial enterprise, as there is always a risk of contamination of the reservoir of toxic chemicals during their reset.

The still water is also not suitable for swimming because they are always a muddy bottom, and due to the lack of running water there is a rapid proliferation of harmful bacteria, parasites, contributing to the development of serious diseases.