Probably you are not confident in themselves and believe that it is not able to please guys. The roots of these complexes, as most likely to leave in childhood. If you seriously want to work on this problem, it would be better to go to a psychologist. And in the meantime decide what you are missing, to please men. Perhaps you think that you are well-read enough or your clothes are too formal and boring. Start to fix it yourself! Visit your library, change your wardrobe and become an interesting and beautiful girl in your understanding.
Buy a subscription to a fitness club, go to a beauty salon. Even if you just started treatments, and the effect is not visible yet, the very awareness that you take care of yourself will give you confidence. And confident girls like guys.
You can have an interesting conversation, to think of a witty comeback to a joke – but it all only with myself, replaying conversations in your head? Start chatting with guys on the forums. Choose those topics that you understand or that interest you. The pros of communication in the forum is that you can edit your answer or even ignore a message. Trained to communicate with young people on the Internet, you'll be less shy in real life.
If you're desperate and want to get rid of the embarrassment as quickly as possible – jump into the pool with his head. Speak with reports at student's conferences, sing in the karaoke clubs perform at work with new projects, participate in Amateur art activities. After a dozen incidents over which you will be very to survive, you will become more free and liberated.
If the confusion you have is not all the strong half of humanity, but only one particular of its representative, do not hurry to fight with this feeling. Think about whether it's a sign that you are beginning to feel towards him something stronger than friendly affection.