The friendship between a boy and a girl can be very durable. Friends are learning to analyze the behavior of the opposite sex, understand how to speak, how to present herself. But in the process close contact feeling of sincere affection often turns to love. And one of the partners is not ready to such turn of events.
How to make friends with the boy, lest he in love? For this you need to act like a kid - running, jumping, fighting, dress in comfortable pants and a t-shirt instead of girly dresses and skirts. In addition, the need to control behavior, not to flirt, not to shoot the eyes. Then the guy will treat the girl as a friend and not going to hint at a closer relationship.
To friendship with a boy has grown and matured, try to understand it. Listen to what he says about his life. Be interested in his Affairs, provide moral support in difficult situations. So behave true friends.
You can discuss the behavior of the girls with another boy, but don't give all the secrets. Also try not to gossip. It's rude to your friend. If you want to tell something about someone, better to do it in the presence of this third.
Friendship with the boy, on the one hand, more interesting. You get a lot of information about the opposite sex that would never have found, communicating with the girls. But the other guy will give a special warmth. It is less sensitive and will not be able to regret when it's sad. It will not discuss the girls ' problem, it will not advise anything in the store. Each guy will not ring just like this every day to chat. But it will always help to fix the computer or bring heavy bags.
In friendship between the sexes is both pluses and minuses. So don't reject offers of friendship, from whoever they proceeded. Only after talking you will be able to understand "your" it or not.