Japanese sages to recommend full freedom in education. Despite their age, they are taught that the child can not do anything to restrict. For example, if the kid break the window, in no event it is impossible to abuse. Need to wait for the moment when he will understand his mistake. That is, the coming of the night the room will be cool, the child will freeze. Therefore, the child concludes that you have acted badly.
Since the basic features are laid from toddler to about five or six years old, at preschool age it can be difficult to cope with. For example, if a child refuses to go to school, you do not need to force it. This will lead to negative associations in relation to the educational process. Try to interest the child. Focus on those items that are closest to him.
Often children in primary school age are beginning to realize the beauty of independence. In this case it is not necessary to give the child complete freedom, but every step to control also should not be. The baby begins a period of formation of the person. That is why it is so important to teach the child to cope with difficulties independently.
Remember that under no circumstances it is impossible to beat the child. It must behave as an equal. Otherwise, the baby will start to develop an inferiority complex. Because of the age child it is important that his opinion was considered.