You will need
  • - colored wax/wax crayons;
  • - cardboard;
  • - iron.
Set up your work space. Cover table with oilcloth or thick paper (sheet of paper). Fold a paper towel or a rag that will clean the tools.
Acquire tools for drawing with wax. You can buy a special iron for encaustic. It differs from the usual small size, absolutely smooth sole and a comfortable handle-support. However, ordinary iron is also good – the main thing is that the soles had holes. It is convenient to use the old so-called road irons – they are smaller and lighter than conventional, they can be flipped and put on the handle, using as the heating surface. Also in the online store or salon products for artist to buy cautery. This tool is a heated metal rod with nozzles of different shapes. It allows you to create smaller elements in the figures with wax.
You will also need a set of wax encaustic. It is sold in packs of multiple colors. However, the fit and the usual crayons, if they melt at a low temperature. Before you begin, make sure that the material is non-toxic (note: this should be on the packaging).
Start drawing. Take a sheet of cardboard. Its surface should be smooth, glossy. Turn the iron on the lowest setting. When he warmed up, turn it over and swipe the sole with wax. Fill in with color about half of the surface. The layer should be thick enough. Flip the iron and slow the sliding movement of the slide to the cardboard. You get a uniform band of colour. To make smooth transitions of shades on the iron melt several colors of wax and slide it over the cardboard not only forward but also downward or in the opposite direction – changing the direction, you mix the colors.
To do on not cooled color layer lines, draw on the cardboard side of the iron. Small details can bring and the nose iron (if this work you are acquired cautery). If you move the iron is not uniform and the number of times you touch them to paper will be removed, the sheet will remain scenic trail – their form of individual, you will be able to control it, gain a bit of experience.
You can also draw directly on the soleplate. Turn it over and put it on the handle. Apply the wax to the surface, and the top attach the cardboard and gently swipe it aside. Either put the cardboard on the iron and when the paper heats up, draw directly on it melting temperature wax crayons.
When the drawing is ready, the wax is frozen, Polish it with a dry cotton cloth, it will make the picture glossy.