Open site There you will see a bright blue button that says "Download Google Chrome". Click on it. Then you do not need almost any effort. The official site will make a request for the anonymous collection of statistics for the company. If you want to give it up, just uncheck the option called Help Me Make Chrome Better, which translated means "to Help improve Google Chrome". By the way, you can do it and after the browser is installed. Go to Options ("Options"), and then click the Under the Hood tab ("Advanced"). Please note that the duration of the installation Google Chrome may be about two minutes (it will depend on the speed of the processor).

In addition to performing the steps from the user nothing more will be needed in the installation process. The automatic installer will do all the necessary operations. At the end you will be prompted to import passwords, bookmarks and many other settings from the previously used browsers.

After installing Google Chrome will start in a few seconds. You will be able to quickly understand all the options and settings. The interface of this browser is simple and convenient. The same can be said about the search. To execute it, use the address bar, which also has built-in autocomplete.

Nothing complicated and the installation settings for the browser Google Chrome. Among them are setting your home page, open the custom pages, restore the last open tabs and more. In the menu called Options you can also specify a search engine that will open by default.

Don't forget that it is not recommended to download software from third-party resources. Files from surely infected with viruses that can affect your computer.