To install Google's browser on your iPhone or iPad, you must use the official service applications provided by Apple. Turn on the desired device and connect to the Internet. It is worth noting that in order to stabilize the startup process of the application is better to use high quality Internet channel, such as an access point Wi-Fi.

Open the App Store and locate the app. Now select the free setting mode. It is worth noting that all versions of this browser available. Click the "Install app". Fill in the form, enter the password and user ID by Apple. Press the Ok button.

Wait until all required files are downloaded to your mobile device. Immediately this will start the installation procedure of the application. On the main desktop will be an icon Google Chrome.

The first mobile version of the described browser was released in February 2012. It was intended for devices running Android OS. It is important to understand that Google Chrome for iOS is similar to the browsers for other platforms only interface. This is due to the features of the iOS system.

Mobile browser for iPhone is a simple add-on Safari. It uses a standard version of the WebKit engine. Naturally, the iOS version is missing proprietary Google handler that uses JavaScript Nitro.

Unlike browser for computers and laptops in Chrome for iOS there is no option to create a bookmark toolbar. In the mobile version there is also a mode "incognito". It is worth noting that the browser does not allow to work simultaneously in two modes, but when you switch stores the list of previously open tabs.