Advice 1: How to install Google Chrome on iPhone

The mobile version of Google Chrome browser for a certain period of time has become the most popular free app in the App Store. This is because a huge number of users were eagerly waiting for the release of the browser for iOS system.
How to install Google Chrome on iPhone

To install Google's browser on your iPhone or iPad, you must use the official service applications provided by Apple. Turn on the desired device and connect to the Internet. It is worth noting that in order to stabilize the startup process of the application is better to use high quality Internet channel, such as an access point Wi-Fi.

Open the App Store and locate the app. Now select the free setting mode. It is worth noting that all versions of this browser available. Click the "Install app". Fill in the form, enter the password and user ID by Apple. Press the Ok button.

Wait until all required files are downloaded to your mobile device. Immediately this will start the installation procedure of the application. On the main desktop will be an icon Google Chrome.

The first mobile version of the described browser was released in February 2012. It was intended for devices running Android OS. It is important to understand that Google Chrome for iOS is similar to the browsers for other platforms only interface. This is due to the features of the iOS system.

Mobile browser for iPhone is a simple add-on Safari. It uses a standard version of the WebKit engine. Naturally, the iOS version is missing proprietary Google handler that uses JavaScript Nitro.

Unlike browser for computers and laptops in Chrome for iOS there is no option to create a bookmark toolbar. In the mobile version there is also a mode "incognito". It is worth noting that the browser does not allow to work simultaneously in two modes, but when you switch stores the list of previously open tabs.

Advice 2 : How to install Chrome on iPad

By mid-summer 2012, Google finished which lasted six months testing a version of its Chrome browser for mobile devices running OS from Apple. C the last days of June, the official release was made available for free download via the App Store - standard application of the iOS operating system installed in your mobile iPads and iPhones.
How to install Chrome on iPad

Version Google Chrome for iPad and iPhone has a number of advantages over Safari is the standard browser of Apple devices. For example, his text-based interface more suited to the forced austerity of the design of programs for mobile devices. And the ability to sync your tabs to different devices (e.g., tablet, smartphone and laptop) and Safari, and still plan to add. Despite the fact that Chrome for iOS is forced to use the same engine as Safari, there is no limit to the number of open tabs and search for space saving combine with your browser's address bar. However, searches in this browser you can enter and vote. There are other utility, which should install this browser in your iPad or iPhone.

Apple is very quickly placed a new browser from Google in my online store, so to download it you can use the App Store. This is a standard iOS application that allows you to download and install or upgrade programs with minimal effort of the user. These files are stored on the servers of Apple, so you can be sure that your iPad, iPod or iPhone will get the exact program that is listed in the directory. It's guarantees and the absence in the installed application viruses or any spyware inserts. All these advantages apply to other similar app, at least in popular mobile devices running operating systems from Apple - iTunes.

The procedure of installing Google Chrome using the App Store or iTunes is very simple - first, run any of these applications and log into the online store. Then, using a search engine or a directory tree, navigate to the link to download the browser and click on it. The rest of the operating system will do it itself, you have to wait downloading the file, weighing in at 12.8 MB and, if necessary, to perform the on-screen instructions.

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