Advice 1: In Google Chrome view saved passwords

Internet browser Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers. Therefore, if the reader uses it, he should also take some measures to ensure the security of their data in this program. In particular, to know ways to store and view passwords.
In Google Chrome view saved passwords
Many experts in the field of safety suggest for each service (web site) to have a unique password. In this case, even if the attacker and get one of your passwords, he will not be able to use it on other resources. But, unfortunately, to remember several different passwords is very difficult. What if you have 10, 20?

A solution is to save passwords in your browser. For example, every time you enter a new password in Google Chrome, the browser asks about saving it. This is easier on the Internet, as you no longer need to remember all passwords. However, there may be situations where you need to go to one of your saved browser passwords. Appears a natural question: how does Google Chrome view saved passwords?

The solution of the problem

In order to view saved passwords in Google Chrome, you need to perform several simple steps:

1. To open the browser menu, which is located in the upper right corner, select "settings" (Settings).

2. This opens the settings page you need to scroll to the bottom and click on the link "Show advanced settings" select Show advanced settings).

3. In the opened advanced settings, you must find the item "Passwords and forms" (Passwords and forms) and click on the link "Manage password" (Manage passwords). This opens a menu showing all the sites whose passwords it stores the Google Chrome browser. However, for security purposes, this menu passwords are not shown.

4. In order to view the saved password you need to click on the line of the required website and click the "Show" (Show). The stored password will be immediately displayed.

It is important to consider

Stored in Google Chrome, the password will be shown immediately only if you are using an account in the operating system without the password. This is unsafe, as in this case, anyone with direct access to your computer can see your Google Chrome saved passwords. To protect your personal data, you need to put a password on your user account in the operating system. Then click the button "Show" you will be prompted to enter the password from your account, and only if entered correctly, Google Chrome will display the password stored in the browser. So to see Google Chrome saved passwords can only you personally.

Advice 2 : How to find the password on the computer

The negligence of the user or other reasons are sometimes lost or forgotten passwords to log into various programs and websites. This usually brings great inconvenience to the user of the personal computer, and search forgotten password becomes very important. To find the password on the hard disk of the computer is not so difficult. You need to use special programs.
How to find the password on the computer
You will need
  • Personal computer program for PasswordSpy.
Download and install the program PasswordSpy from the site This is one of the best programs in this category, as it has a very wide range of possibilities.
Once you have downloaded the program PasswordSpy, you need to install it. It is best to install in a directory of drive "C". In General the installation will not take more than a minute. Run the program. You will see a window that has several buttons. Click on the "Scan passwords".
You will see a list of programs that can find passwords. Displays the entire list of programs in this time installed on the hard drive of your computer.
Find the program you want and click on it. The system will display the password if this program were applied. Record this password in a text document, in order not to forget. It is also possible to immediately change the password to a new one.
If you want to know the password to the site, for example then click on the line where you marked your browser. A browser is a program that gives you the opportunity to browse pages in the global network.
Next, find the appropriate address, from which you want to find the password. Next a password. It is also worth noting that the program finds the passwords that were saved in the browser. That is, if you have not saved the password when you login to the site, the program PasswordSpy will not be able to find it. So try to keep all passwords in your browser when you sign in on different web-sites.
In General we can say that to find passwords on your computer is not difficult, the main thing that they are not fully removed from the local disk. If all the data on the program were deleted, the password using PasswordSpy would be impossible to find.

Advice 3 : How to view passwords on your computer

Often the computer is running more than one user. Each has its own version of email programs and instant messengers, the browsers and other programs. Of course, each user has their own password to launch ICQ or log on to a social networking site like "Facebook" or "Vkontakte". If you are a computer administrator, you can install a special program that will monitor all running programs.
How to view passwords on your computer
You will need
  • - computer
  • - Internet
  • - administrator rights.
Download NeoSpy in the computer memory. Install the program using setup file.
Run the program and go to the "Settings" window. Set the key combination to exit stealth mode and, if deemed necessary, the administrator password. Edit the settings of the monitor programs in the settings section "logging", in particular, the tab "Keyboard". It is through this section, you will be able to find out passwords on your computer.
Leave the computer in normal mode for a day or two, so it was time to work the users whose passwords you want to learn. It is also worth considering the fact that your passwords are in this program will be saved, so keep the password utility in a safe place. Use antivirus programs to viruses are unable to intercept all the data from the program NeoSpy.
Print NeoSpy from stealth mode and review the log message interceptor keyboard, clipboard, visited websites and other information. Among the combinations entered from the keyboard, you can find passwords for all programs.
Do not abuse of such spyware. Ordinary users can be quite experienced with the computer, and trust to you as the computer owner will be undermined. It is best to work on different computers, as many users do not like to enter their passwords to social networking due to the fact that someone else came before them.
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