Configure Google Chrome on your computer

First of all it is necessary to understand, where are the settings in Google Chrome. To open them you need to find in the right top corner an icon with three horizontal lines and click on it. This opens a menu where you can select "Settings".

In the opened settings window will be located a huge number of options that you can change at their discretion. It is set here the program's appearance, safety, set search defaults, create new users, etc.

Speaking specifically about saving the settings in the browser, everything is fairly simple. The engine is designed so that after changing any parameter automatically saves the produced just settings. This allows you to shut down your browser, restart the computer, then turn it on again and all settings will be made in the position in which you left them.

In other words, to the browser settings remained, just enough of them to somehow change. Settings also can be reset to factory default condition. It is a special button "Reset browser settings". It can be found by clicking "Show advanced settings".

Save the settings in the Internet

To save all made settings when you reinstall your system or browser, or use them on another computer, you must use a Google account. All personal settings, including bookmarks and extensions will be saved on the Internet.

If you already have an email from Google simply go to your browser settings and click the "sign in to Chrome". Then enter the email and password. Opens the synchronization settings. You can sync all settings, or select only some specific list with checkboxes. So, you can sync a standard browser settings, themes, extensions, tabs, passwords, browsing history, autocomplete, app.

Just below it is necessary to specify encryption settings. This is an optional feature that allows you to protect all your data against access by third parties. you encrypt with Google account information, or by using some kind of code phrase. If you use a passphrase should exercise extreme caution, as losing or forgetting the particular word or phrase, Google will not be able to recall, and synchronization will have to drop.