You first need to remember that when a person does the same work over a long period of time, it executes on the machine, and this affects the body like a sedative. In this case, you must try to find any other employment. If this is not possible, then you can bring order to your desktop, go to chat with other employees. Your main goal is to change the environment and thus to restart your brain.
Everyone knows the fact that the human body there are specific points, influencing on which you can activate your body. In the workplace it is best to massage your fingers: go shipovymi movements of all fingers from the tip to the base. It will give energy to your body and also positively affect the immune system.
Then you can perform another exercise: quickly RUB one hand with another, then with the same pace, hands cheeks, and in the end lightly tap with your fingers on the head. Each part of the exercise must be carried out not more than 5 seconds. At the same time within a minute massage the ear.
If possible, try to go outside and get some fresh air. Even a few minutes of being on the street, will invigorate your body. The lower the temperature, the better. In that case, if you can't get away from the workplace, then at least open a window.
On the human body have an enormous impact aromomasla. If you breathe them for about 15 minutes, you will soon be able to focus. Often, however, work colleagues may be against it, in this case, it will be enough to put a few drops on the nose.
The most effective refreshing drink is coffee. But remember that you can drink it no more than 2-3 times a day. As an alternative, you can prepare strong brewed green tea. Add in a mug of tincture of ginseng, and you will feel re-energized.
At work you will hardly be able to take a contrast shower. So there will be enough to wash on the same principle (cold and hot water). Women can just hold hands in the water and then moisten the neck.