You will need
  • - Internet;
  • - MasterCard or Visa;
  • card PayPal.
So, you've stumbled upon the online store that sells the essential thing. Do not rush immediately to order. First make sure you are dealing with an honest seller. Read online reviews about the store and the quality of the products. If the online store has a forum, or buyers have left numerous reviews of offered products, we should not delude ourselves. A dishonest seller can how to remove negative reviews or to hire a person who will write laudatory comments. Best find information is not independent forums or personal blogs buyers.
If honesty the store is all right, you can start shopping. Sign up on the website and activate your account through the link that will be sent to your email.
Now comes the best part. You need to choose to put purchase in a virtual shopping cart. On the website next to your product image will be a icon with a picture of her grocery cart or a button that says "add to cart". If you subsequently change your mind to take any thing, you can go to your cart and delete it.
If you buy clothes, do not depend only on their size, view the table of conformity of sizes and options. In different countries manufacturers, these figures may vary.
Once you have made all necessary purchases, please carefully review the payment methods. Most Russian online stores accepts regular Visa and MasterCard, but the card I prefer PayPal. Also some Russian stores will send you the goods on delivery and you can pay it when you get to the post office to pick it up.
Many online stores will offer you to choose the delivery method. So you can come to the office to pick up your purchase personally, and nothing to pay for shipping. The purchase can be delivered to the address indicated, the courier will call you and clarify the most convenient time for you. This type of delivery is most expensive. Also the courier can bring the item to one of the Central metro stations (this service either free or costs pennies). Of course, all these types of delivery is available only to residents of large cities in which there are offices of the company that owns the online store. All other buyers will have to settle the shipment by mail.