Create a single style in the design table. For example, make everything in bright summer style. Tablecloth with daisies. Napkins on table , put white and yellow, a few small bouquets of summer flowers in glasses (tall flowers only block the view, and a neat little compositions complement the warm atmosphere of the holiday). For juice or water put the usual glasses, and summer with beautiful colored cups. And if they are with a pattern (flowers or ribbons), your table will look even better. If the birthday is in the fall, and you really like this time of year, adorn the table with maple leaves, and the tablecloth you can pick up in the relevant colours. For winter decoration the anniversary is, for example, along the edge of the glasses to make a coating of sugar, reminiscent of snow, or just put the image on the glasses.
Napkins on tablee are of great importance. The familiar conical shape of napkins in the cups, or triangles in the napkin holder is quite traditional, but you can make them cute swans or folded near the device for guests cute envelope or a flower. And maybe you will roll them into a scroll, and translated a beautiful thin ribbon. Napkins made of fabric can also be put into a glass, and one end remains outside – a beautiful Calla Lily flower near each instrument will astound and delight guests.
Decoration of dishes is also an important part of the decoration of the anniversary table. For summer salad can be on the edge of the salad bowl put chips, resembling the petals of a flower. You can cut beautiful flowers from vegetables and fruits, but the leaves and stems of the cucumber greens. To create a light playful mood, you can put mushrooms from eggs and tomatoes or just make funny animals. And the roses of ham and tomatoes will surely be remembered by all the guests.