You will need
  • - the cloth;
  • - swipe;
  • - dishes;
  • - Cutlery;
  • vase with decoration.
Lay the tablecloth. According to the rules of etiquette, she should hang with a tablenot less than 25 cm and not less than are the seats of chairs. Drooping corners of the tablecloth should cover the leg of the table. An informal meeting can decorate a bright tablecloth, classic white suitable for all occasions.
Under plates and utensils intended for one person, enclose the stand. They are different in shape, color and materials – straw, flax, plastic.
Each guest place make cute things: bouquets of flowers or grass, small bowls, candles. You can roll the napkin of each guest into the cylinder and put it in a special ring. Very elegant and beautiful look a special card for guests, on which were written their names and menus.
Place in the center of the tableand a wide shallow dish. Put it fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs. Order turned out beautifully, take a different shape and color of the gifts of nature. Another option for decorating the middle of the tableand the low wicker basket or crystal vase that also need to fill in anything: nuts, fruits. In the center of the tableand you can put pots with flowers, a platter of fir branches (Christmas holidays), small pumpkins in a wicker vase. The main thing – that the center does not get a high, and visitors saw each other.
Now move on to serving. For each guest put a large plate. Next put tablenew appliances: forks to the left of the plates, knives, turning the sharp edge towards the plate, on the right, spoons to the right of the knives. A lot of devices usually spread to the solemn receptions. They have to lie in the order which will be served dishes. Put forks on a plate for pies and bread. Utensils for the salad is placed to the left of the forks. Put the glasses above the knives closer to the plate – for water, then wine. Before dessert, you will need to file instruments designed for sweet.
Each device in the center of the plate, put or place a folded napkin. If you have an informal meeting – pick up napkins, suitable color for coasters or tablecloths. White or off-white napkins are more suitable for special occasions.