You will need
  • Tablecloth
  • Fresh flowers
  • Swipe
  • Cutlery
  • Colored tape
  • Figures and flowers carved from vegetables
  • Candles
First of all, think of the tablecloth. Use a white tablecloth as it is perfect for any occasion. Pre-necromance her, she will look more beautiful. Under the tablecloth we put a piece of thick cloth the same color that the devices were placed on the table without any noise.
If you lay the table in the warm season, decorate it with seasonal flowers. But the flowers should not interfere with interlocutors to see each other. Use a low vase. As you can about each device to put in one small low clear vase with a single lush flower, such as a peony or rose.

You can decorate the table with flowers, jokes directly to tablecloth small bunches in several places, preferably at the edges of the table. Before that, spray them with hairspray, the flowers will retain their shape longer.
Decorate the tablecloth with strips of width about 2 cm, applying them in cells on the tablecloth, in the place of the crossing of the kill pins are either invisible or decorative. Use slides, or, as they are called, shelves for fruit. It looks very impressive and allows you to save space on the table.

Decorate the table with figures or flowers carved from vegetables.
If you lay the table during the Christmas holidays, then you can cover the table cloth with red ornaments, for example, with cross-stitch. In the New year and Christmas folk motifs you will shock nobody, as these holidays are all ancestral and traditional is of particular importance.
Decorate the table with candles, the more they have, the stronger the sense of celebration you and your guests. Take a big transparent vase in the shape of a bowl and fill it with tangerines and oranges, interspersed with silver and gold balls. Take more than cheap plastic Christmas balls. They Shine like glass but will not break.
In the center of the table place a flower is Holly, which is a symbol of Christmas. Around him stand various heights and shapes of white candles. Nearly every device put fir branches and fir cones, sprinkle from the container with gold paint.
Decorate the table beautifully folded napkins. Each dish, serve the General instruments: forceps, blades, spoons, forks. Bottles, decanters and carafes of drinks place in different parts of the table. At the edges of the table supply bins.