How to decorate Christmas table

For Christmas or new year's table should choose the cloth saturated deep hue. As additional perfect silver or gold tone. Very interesting look chiffon wave, laid out along the table, the folds of which are placed floating candles with the scent of pine needles. With shiny tinsel, scattered on the table, they will create a flickering effect and will provide guests with a Christmas mood.

The corners of the tablecloth can be decorated with satin bows. Great decoration for the Christmas table will be songs from the cones, pine branches and red beads. It is also possible to decompose in different places of the large gold or silver Christmas balls.

Christmas eve on the holiday table original look touching the crystal angels. The relevant Supplement will be bumps, painted with silver paint. You can decorate the table or use them as a holders for guest cards. Bright red candles in elegant candlesticks will accentuate the mystery of the new year holiday and set up the audience for a warm conversation.

How to decorate a wedding table

Traditionally, the Bridal table covered with a white cloth. You can also use unobtrusive pastel colors: light pink, beige, champagne shade etc. Glass or mirrored surface of the table cloth is not available, arrange lace doilies.

Once selected the main cast, choose optional. The latter must be combined with the colors of the interior, the decor, the crockery and the bride's bouquet. Satin bows, chiffon wave, guest cards and holiday candles should be stored in this additional shade.

An important element of the wedding table decorations are napkins. There are 2 of them: paper and fabric, which are put on her lap. All the cloths should be soaked in one color and the same shape and fabric is still crisp.

Festive ring-holders will not only effectively secure the cloth, but will become an additional decoration of wedding table. Floral arrangements are created so that they harmonize with other elements, would not be too fragrant and not interfere during the meal.

Wedding table is complete without candles. The most beautiful put together with the newlyweds. In other parts of the table place scented floating candles that will flicker, emphasizing the romance of the holiday.

How to decorate a table for a birthday

For decorating the holiday table for the day of birth it is desirable to choose a tablecloth and napkins or lace, or handmade. The main element of decor will become an original composition of flowers that loves the hero of the occasion. Will look interesting glasses, if they attach a small flower bunches.

The chairs can be put in cases and tie them to the bows, creating the atmosphere of the ball. If you want to have a cocktail, put the tables in the table skirts. The latter can be purchased or stitched yourself. Holiday dishes that will be served baskets with salads and sandwiches, cover it with a lace napkin. Good decoration for buffet table can be a composition of beads and flowers, laid out in a Martini glass. Brilliance and brightness will give a serving napkins, laid out with taste.

How to decorate the kids ' table for holiday

The hardest thing to decorate the kids ' table for the holiday. Living colours boys and girls typically indifferent, and paper, they can quickly lead into disrepair. Traditional candles to put unsafe, and décor items, children can move to other places. So it's best to make treats in the shape of a smiley face, a crab, a mobile phone. Also boys and girls will be thrilled by the unusual cut fruit and vegetables.

Young guests will not remain indifferent to the edible figurines of vegetables and fruits that you can do together with the birthday boy. Festive table for children should become a magical meadow. Decorate it with chocolate pieces, spread out in front of each guest.

Delicious and looks beautiful strung between plates garland of candy. But the children will definitely appreciate, is the original guest card and balloons tied to the chairs. Inside these balls pre-placed notes with fun challenges. Such a fabulous table the fun promises to be loud, bright and memorable.