Children's birthday party

For a child's birthday is a special day. Hence, the table should be appropriate.

It is worth considering that children are often inaccurate — they can spill juice or drop the piece of cake by dish. Therefore, an obligatory condition is the presence on the table disposable bright tablecloths. It can be depicted favorite cartoon characters, balloons, etc. need to be concerned about the disposable containers. If the birthday theme, and the dishes should match the style of plates, glasses and napkins you can pick up with the same pattern.

If you don't plan on hot dishes, light salads must be present on the table. To cast the children's appetite and must be in the form of a flower, soccer ball, Bunny, etc. don't forget about fruits, canapés, small sandwiches, cookies, and candy.

The main decoration of the table will be the birthday cake. If you wish to surprise your child, order him a cake from the mastic, which will depict your favorite characters from the cartoon. All treats should be taken with juice, fruit drink or tea.

If celebrating a child's birthday party is held outdoors (during the warmer time of year), it is possible to go without tables and chairs. This will help the magic tablecloth on the grass. The convenience of this option: saving the appropriateness of disposable tableware, simple meals (sandwiches, canapes, vegetables, fruits, meat and fish on the coals or the grill, juices, water, tea in a pot), as a side dish fit Hiking option delicious potatoes baked in the ashes. Classic cream cake can be replaced with a composition in watermelon fruit, whipped cream or yogurt.

Teenage birthday

The greatest gift that a parent can do to a teenager is to leave him absolute master of the party and retire for a time of celebration. So it would be logical if the menu will be the hero of the occasion, and mom and dad will only slightly adjust and approve the budget of the event. Surely it will be spring rolls, pizza, chips, burgers, aerated sugary drinks — the whole list of unhealthy food, but a favorite with teenagers. The table setting in this case, a useless thing, better as free space for contests, Raffles, prepare the TV to connect your laptop, gaming consoles.

For such an active holiday is more suitable buffet. The large number of disposable utensils will be essential. It will be plates, glasses, forks, and optionally spoons. For drinks and cups better to organize a separate small table.

Adult birthday

The menu is thought out on the basis of taste preferences, diet, beliefs guests. For example, if a holiday falls on a time of fasting, consider a dish without animal components.

The table is covered with a festive tablecloth and served with beautiful tableware. Take care to complete to be sure the fork was a knife. It is desirable that the visitors had several plates of different diameters for convenience. On the table will necessarily be the presence of disposable wipes and cloth individual wipes.

In a small room it is better to stay on the gradual change of food for a larger interior you can try the buffet. Usually the meal starts with a light appetizer and snacks. In small quantities, serves a selection of cognacs, whiskey, vodka or strong wine, or in cold season – punch, mulled wine or grog.

When the mood improves, to start up a conversation, can be served main course with side dishes and salads. The day ends with traditional desserts: brownies, cake, ice cream, fruit, coffee and tea.