Log in to your personal Cabinet. Sites that provide a similar service, are divided into branches, the bulk of which takes place offline and on the net web-services. For example, compare the real website of the Bank and any payment system. To use a personal Internet account in the first case, you must first sign a contract in the office of the institution. And in the companies of the second type you need to register on the website. Therefore, the last to break off relations easier.
Enter your username and password to access the control settings. Find command allows you to delete your account from this website. Read the warning that in this case, you will not be able to use their services. Confirm your decision. And your "area" this resource will be deleted.
Terminate the contractual relationship with the company providing services offline. Usually you must come to her office and write a statement. The procedure may take some time, you will have to ask again and offer a variety of options for continued cooperation. If you insist on, then simultaneously with the rupture of the contractual relationship will occur and the elimination of the personal account.
Email the website asking to remove your account. It is reasonable to do on those resources where you register yourself, but no online-the elimination of your account. Write the email from the same email address that was specified during registration. In response you should receive a message that your login has ceased to exist.
Delete the account on the project where you want to eliminate the personal Cabinet. Sometimes it is required to destroy was the same e-mail Inbox. Wait three months and register on the same resource with the old username. The old Cabinet is gone forever, and there is a new, without "history."
Stop using those private rooms that cannot be deleted. For example, does not have this option on the website of the Federal tax service, where he began to develop a service providing information to taxpayers via the Internet. If you submit the application to FNS for issuance of a registration card, the office will be available to you until you lose the password. It can be restored, but to remove the Cabinet - yet.