You will need
  • - electronic telephone directory;
  • website phone book "";
  • - handling the help Desk Novosibirsk on the number 09 or 090;
  • - reporting to the police.
Go to the telephone directory of the city of Novosibirsk "". Enter in the fields telephone number, and other data known to you. If the database directory is searched by you, the subscriber, you will see its address in a few seconds.
Install to your computer the electronic version of the telephone directory of Novosibirsk. Such a program can be downloaded from the Internet, do not forget to scan it for viruses. A good example of such program is a free e-guide "Doublegis" (2GIS). It also provides data and international levels: countries of Italy and Kazakhstan.
After the program of electronic dictionary installed on your computer, start it. A window will open, containing the names of the inhabitants of Novosibirsk, in alphabetical order.
Ask the program team to sort the list of phone numbers. Turn search addresss by opening the settings directory and entering the phone number in the string. Click "Find". If you need the addressand will not appear in the database, install a different version of the directory.
Directory "Doublegis" you can also work in the on-line mode, without installing it on your computer. It is necessary to enter in the search field of the known you a phone number after selecting the search location and click "Find". In addition, there is a mobile version of this program to set you on your cell phone.
Please contact the help Desk at Novosibirsk phone: 09 or 090 (if you are calling from a mobile). Named your room can provide you with the information you need.
If a residence you are looking for, made any illegal actions, contact the police Department. Law enforcement agencies can find out the number of the desired subscriber.