You will need
  • - a phone number registered in Kazan;
  • - access to the Internet.
The population of the capital of Tatarstan is around half a million people, most of whom have mobile phones and landlines. All devices, which are located on the territory of residential and industrial premises, have a legal address, which means that their location it is possible to find.
In that case, if the phone number that you have belongs to any organization or firm, then the search becomes much easier. You can use the popular program 2gis, which is an e - guide filled with information about all organizations of Kazan and other Russian cities. Select the map your cities and then make available to you a room in one of the fields, and the system will give you the details of the office.
If the phone belongs to an individual, you have to try to get his address. The first option - you can find the address you are interested subscriber via the Internet, namely the large amount of resources, which is a specialized database of telephone subscribers of the cities of Russia. But we must remember that the use of such materials may be prosecuted, and that the relevance of these bases you no guarantees and it is possible that the desired number is already owned by someone else.
The most productive way to get all necessary information will the request to the Central address Bureau of Kazan. It is located at the address: Kazan, Tverskaya street, the house 10. In that case, if you for some reason are unable to visit this establishment, you will certainly help on the phone 8 – 843 – 53 – 35 – 33, where 843 is the area code. The consultation is free, but be prepared for the fact that you have to spend a lot of time filling out the application according to which you can provide this information.
Also you can get the address by using commercial reference. It is enough, while in Kazan, dial 09. The operator will provide you with the address, and, if need be, connect you with the caller.