Define the prefix belonging to the mobile phone number of a particular service provider and acquire its database. Remember that the sale of such information is not legitimate. Subject to such database copies from the disk of the original, reproduced kustrim way. So be sure to test your acquired drive. Also find out when copied, because the information with a long ago will be useless.
Try to find a friend in law enforcement. The police can make a formal request to the company - the operator to retrieve information on the subscriber in the conduct of investigative activities. Perhaps if you manage to negotiate with your friend, he will be able to help you with finding information about the owner of the phone number.
Find a way for employees of a telecommunications company that supports the telephone number you want to find. People working in such company will be able to help you with obtaining the right information, look it in the database, which contains all the information about the subscriber specified in the contract for the provision of cellular services. Remember that to commit such a "feat" your friend will be quite difficult, because the security service in large companies, Telecom operators does not sleep and is trying to prevent attempts to leak information from the company. Therefore, the issues of remuneration for your friend it is better to discuss in advance.
Use the search services that you are in abundance you will find in the pages of the global Internet. They have both paid and free. Start with a free. Despite the fact that some of them simply do not work or give incorrect information, you may be lucky and you will find what you are looking for. In case of failure go to paid search.