You will need
  • - Anonymizer;
  • - proxy server.
Thanks to the world wide web on man can learn a lot of information. Part of the users themselves lightly put it on public display in various social networking sites and online diaries. Curious owners of the Internet sites can also get you data that you never intended to share: computer model, operating system, country, and the name and email address. To protect yourself, you need to skillfully hide your tracks on the Internet.
Filter the information you provide about yourself on social networks. Check them suggests that you share a lot of information: completed education, place of residence, favorite bars, cafes and hairdressers. However, to read these data can not only your former classmates. An attacker who knows your address and read the status that you went to the cottage, costs nothing to come back to visit you. A similar situation may occur if you wrote a blog that I was going to Turkey, and in profile you have a link to the account in the social network, which marked the place of residence.
In order not to let cyber criminals get your data when you visit different sites, use the service of Anonymizer. For this you need to go to the service and there enter the link to the site you intended to visit. Going on the link, you leave no trail, and used the service. Cookies are not saved you. No unwanted information will not reach the administrators of the page you are viewing.
Also for anonymous surfing fun you can use a proxy server. The essence of the work server similar to the anonymizer, however, the computer keeps a history of visited sites. Through a proxy it is impossible to calculate your IP address and therefore geographic location. Keep in mind that different providers suit different services.