Clinical manifestations of Ureaplasma infection (Ureaplasma) is very diverse. In men, the pathogen primarily colonizes the foreskin and the urethra, resulting in developing prostatitis and urethritis. In women, Ureaplasma forms colonies in the vagina, rarely in the cervix and urethra; the pathogen causes cervicitis, urethritis; acute and chronic inflammatory diseases (adnexitis, salpingitis, endometritis, oophoritis, etc.).
Quite often, when urogenital Ureaplasma infection develop complications: violation of the reproductive system (infertility, threatened miscarriage and termination of pregnancy, miscarriage of the fetus, the pathology of the placenta, intrauterine infection ureaplasmosis infection of the fetus.
Clinical symptoms Ureaplasma infection are polymorphism, to establish a reliable diagnosis it is necessary to conduct laboratory diagnosis. In gynecology and urology used PCR diagnostics of Ureaplasma with the definition of its type. The method is based on the identification of DNA (the genetic material of the pathogen) in biological material.
The advantages of the PCR method are: the possibility of using a wide variety of biological material; identification of the genetic material in a small amount of samples; requirements to take the biological material and the conditions of storage and transportation much easier than the bacteriological method, there is no need to keep Ureaplasma alive; the speed of analysis.
Indications for PCR studies are: determination of Ureaplasma, to choose correct tactics of treatment and management of patients; the presence of inflammatory changes in the urogenital tract; pregnancy; infertility diagnosis. The material for the study are: scraping, prostate secretion, urine, sputum, semen, synovial fluid, biopsy and others.
Most often the material for carrying out research (PCR) is the scraping of the urogenital tract (in men from the urethra, in women from the cervical canal), the choice of other biological material, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist for women and a urologist-andrologist for men. Girls take to research scraping from the vulva – in boys urine. Detection in biological material Ureaplasma often indicates the presence of infectious-inflammatory process of the pelvic organs and is a reliable basis for destination therapy.