You will need
  • Ultrasound, tables, and calendars, determine the sex of the child.
Ultrasound is the most common method of determining the gender ofa child. Count only the floorand the baby using ultrasound can be done about the sixteenth week of pregnancy. So until that time, parents will have to stay in the dark. Chorionic biopsy or unipuncta also helps to determine the gender of the child. Only this procedure is unsafe, so it is performed only to detect genetic disorders of the fetus.
Today there are various tests, tables, and calendars that allow you to determine the gender of the child. But the result of such methods not always true. Therefore, can be treated not too seriously. Methods for calculating the floorand the baby is based on the entry in the table or calendar date of conception, birth parents and other factors that affect the result.
The baby's gender can be determined from blood groups of both parents. The technique is by the "renewing" of blood based on the renewal of blood in connection with situations due to which one loses blood. These large blood loss should take into account before you know the date of conception.
You can also try to find out gender of baby, genderAGAS on their own experience. With his hands pressed to his stomach, should listen to the one who lives in it. This way you can count it's a girl or a boy.
In addition to mathematical and medical techniques, there are also signs of people. A woman will give birth to a boy if she kept the waist for a longer period, no morning sickness, or he is not very tormented woman, a pregnant belly is round, and her constant craving for salty foods. The baby of the male genderand is usually highly active, and the heart rate of baby 140. A girl is born in the event that a woman over thirty years old, she has stretch marks, acne, and constantly tormented by morning sickness. A woman, pregnant girl, constantly drawn to sweet, and the belly is high and pointy.