You will need
  • Operating system Windows XP.
Before creating the account, the user has the choice to assign the rights of the administrator , or not to do. As a rule, prefer the first option because the person behind the computer not only searches the multimedia information, but also creates it, installing various utilities. To perform these actions the desired account record of the administrator.
When the account record is lost, at the welcome screen you can see icons only guest accounts and other administrative records, if such has been created in advance. Taking advantage of such records, you can restore the basic administrative record.
It often happens that the administrative record is lost when a sudden power offs, it is connected with feature of use of the file system. But removes only the entry, but all directories and files remain in place, so you need to exit the current session. To do this, click "start", click on "logout", and then "Exit".
In the current window, double-click the Ctrl + Alt + Del. Select or enter the Administrator, do not forget to specify the password for this account. This is the easiest way, but it is not the best — you always have to go to this dialog box.
To avoid such a situation, you must assign a password to the existing active administrative records or to enable the automatic display of all users. To do this, click "start" and select "Run". In the empty field type regedit and press Enter on the keyboard.
In the appeared window registry editor, you must open the following folders: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, SOFTWARE, Microsoft, Windows NT, CurrentVersion, Winlogon, SpecialAccounts, and UserList. Inside this directory, create a new DWORD value, title it Administrator and set the value = 1.