Contact technical support of your mobile operator. Ask him about the possibility of getting tunes is ringtone for your mobile phone. If you want the employee to support yourself for you set up this feature, call him the passport details of the person who was issued the SIM card. In the absence of such data, you just get background information regarding this subject, tentatively titled your region.
Contact customer service of the company "Beeline", ask the workers about the possibility of connecting melodies instead of beeps when you call and connect it, making sure that your account has sufficient funds to activate it. For going to the subscription Department you will need your passport or any other document confirming your identity as the formal owner of the SIM card. You can also contact the point of sales of mobile phones in your city that support this statement.
Take advantage of the personal Cabinet of user on the official website of "Beeline" to perform the operations to activate, deactivate and manage additional services to your room. There you can set alerts about company news, introduction of new additional services to obtain a printout of calls and so on.
In case you do not have Internet access can use the query system, which works independently from the menu of your SIM card (may depend on your phone model and your region) to set up the service "Hello". Please note that the use of this service is available for a fee. The details will be in the subscribers ' Department.