Calculate the date of conception of the child is possible with the help of special calculators conception, which is full on the Internet.
To determine the date of conception, you can resort to some simple formula. Mark on your calendar the date of birth of the child. Subtract from this number a week. To the number add 3 months. To the new number, add another 2 weeks. The end result is the date of conception. Just do not forget that this result is very approximate.
The most favorable time for conception is ovulation period. Accordingly, the exact date of conception and ovulation date the same. When the length of the menstrual cycle is 28 days, ovulation usually occurs on the fourteenth day. At this time the probability of conception is maximal. The egg remains viable during the day, so the day after ovulation the possibility of conception is excluded. If the menstrual cycle lasts for 21-24 days, then ovulation is coming in 10-12 days. If 32-35 days, then ovulation starts for 16-18 days, counting from the beginning of menstruation.
Another way of determining the date of conception (ovulation) and fertile days calculation based on the schedule of basal temperature (in the rectum). Every morning, before getting out of bed, at the same time, the woman must enter into the rectum (or vagina) a thermometer about 5 inches. 7-10 minute is enough to measure the temperature. Before ovulation the temperature is below 37 degrees after ovulation, the temperatures are a bit higher than this. The day before the temperature rise is the day of ovulation.
To determine the date of conception (ovulation), based on an analysis of the mucus secreted by the cervix. A couple of days before the maturation of the egg a thick and sticky vaginal discharge becomes sticky and transparent. These days, the conception is almost inevitable.
To calculate the exact date of conception, you can seek the help of a specialist. It is only necessary to pass a swab approximately in the middle phase of the menstrual cycle. A simple method of analysis of mucus from the cervix the gynaecologist can easily set the date of your ovulation with an accuracy of 1-2 days.
But there is an even simpler method of determining the date of conception. Go to any pharmacy and buy special tests to determine ovulation. They are divided into two categories: the first gives indications on the basis of changes in the composition of saliva, while the second is in contact with the urine.
In the first place for reliability and ease of determining the date of conception ultrasound remains. A perfect result is guaranteed.