You may feel a nagging pain in the abdominal area, which are somewhat similar feeling during menstruation, approximately 3-4 weeks before the baby is born. These sensations appear due to the displacement of vertebrae in the sacral section. Sometimes this term can numb the leg, but after giving birth it goes on.
About 2-3 weeks before delivery the woman goes down significantly belly. It changes not only its shape but also dimensions. This happens due to prolapse of the fetus. The woman starts a little easier to feel, as the omission of the fruit releases the diaphragm from the pressure, the stomach becomes a little freer, and lung volume increases.
About 2 weeks before the joyous event sometimes there are false contractions that can trigger the beginning of labor. Contractions last about three hours, then fade away. If you feel their strength, then immediately call an ambulance, even if water is not moved. Sometimes they do not depart alone, but labors when it already starts.
1 week before the baby is born, the woman becomes a poor appetite. The constant feeling of hunger goes away. But this is not always the case, some future moms continue to eat in the same quantities as before. But usually the day before the birth, the woman is not feeling hungry at all, and that should be alerted.
If you have swollen feet, then soon you should have that. Edema starts to appear a few days before the joyous event. They subside after birth of the baby, but sometimes you need the diuretics, which you will put the doctor in the hospital. Make yourself nothing is impossible.
In some cases no suspicious signs are observed until the birth. Sometimes the woman abruptly begins to feel contractions or the discharge of amniotic fluid, and in the next clock becomes a happy mother. If you regularly visit female consultation, the doctor will warn you in advance that you will soon give birth.