You will need
  • Disinfectant;
  • Ultraviolet lamp (if any);
  • A pot for boiling ground (if needed).
The easiest way is treatment aquarium hot water, ideally hot. In this case, all the germs and microorganisms will die. Be careful: the temperature of the water should increase smoothly to glass is not cracked. But this method is only suitable for seamless aquariums and designs with a solid glue – it looks similar to ceramics. If planted on the soft glass silicone sealant, from the hot water it will become soft and the tank can begin to leak, and glued the capacity may even fall apart.
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Another effective way is a strong sanitizer. You can handle the aquarium is a powerful liquid detergent or chlorine solution. But after the treatment, the aquarium should be thoroughly rinsed, as even small residues of cleaning substances can kill the fish. Ideally, the aquarium should be thoroughly washed several times, then fill with water, let stand for a day and then rinse.
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Also for disinfection of aquarium , you can use hydrogen peroxide. It works weaker than previous versions, but more secure. Of course, the aquarium will have to rinse with water, but not so intense.
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For the treatment of aquarium you can use ordinary table salt. First make a paste of salt and water and use a soft sponge treat the glass and seams. Then fill the tank with water, add salt at the rate of 1 teaspoon per liter of water and leave for a couple of hours. Then drain the water and rinse the aquarium salt is harmful to many fish species, and for some fatal.
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Another method of disinfection, which can even be applied to aquatic plants without the risk to destroy them – potassium permanganate. Make medium-pink solution and rinse the aquarium, rubbing the inside with a soft sponge. Then wash the tank with water. Plants for disinfection need to put on 10-15 minutes in a solution of potassium permanganate. Do not overdo it with concentration there is a risk to burn the plants and stain glass brown patina.
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There is medication that you can disinfect the aquarium with fishes is methylene blue. It has bactericidal and fungicidal properties but is virtually harmless to living organisms. The drug is available in the form of drops, to disinfect, dilute it in a ratio of 2 ml per 10 liters of water. The only downside is painting all in blue.
There is another soft method of disinfection, which does not harm the plants and fish UV lamp. This option can be used both independently and in combination with the above. To use the lamp, just use it a few days instead of the usual lamp.
When there is a need for disinfection of aquarium, the question arises: what to do with the soil. The most effective way is to boil. In this case, all the germs are killed with absolute certainty.