Assign responsible person. He will have to make the implementation work you specify in the regulations. Select for these purposes, the most responsible employee.
Indicate the subject of the regulations to form the business project. At the same time, please note that this must be about the works themselves, which are directly connected with the creation and production of products (services or works) to clients and to obtain profits for your organization.
Lead a small congregation. This is necessary if the workflow that is described in the regulations, confronts the same interests of different departments and divisions. It is quite important that all the key representatives of these departments attended the meeting. In turn, the appointed responsible person should explain in detail about the importance of the process. So try to hear the views of each of the stakeholders and then consider their opinions.
Describe as fully as possible the entire business process. It is very good if the workflow is not complicated and it will be answered by the staff member who quite clearly can represent all stages of manufacture. Next, let's discuss the rules with all other participants. In turn, when the business project is a complex, every employee should describe in detail the production activities for own work area.
Gather the necessary material (information, documented), and then discuss it with the participants of the project.
Give all team members the preliminary text of the rules. In the future, this will have a positive impact on the ease of dialogue and the development of possible adjustments. At the same time allow them to Express their opinions, make any suggestions, comments or amendments and to justify them to all participants in the process.
Pass the amended text of the rules, work your higher management for review and approval.