Try to prevent the development of cough. If you notice that the child is ill OCR or SARS, give it a immunomodulatory agent. These include such drugs as "Derinat" , "Viferon" ,"Kipferon", "Interferon", "Anaferon", "Arbidol", etc. What this list to choose a complex question. For each person, the more small, strengthen the immune system tools act differently. Listen to what the doctor advises. Or use an already proven drug.
If the cough started suddenly, check if the baby choked on something. Check with him or the family what he was doing before. Gently, but firmly tap on the back. If no other symptoms appear, and a strong cough does not stop, immediately go to the emergency room. There will extract a foreign body from the airway of a child.
If the baby is lethargic, has a fever and runny nose to the doctor's visit will help to cope with the disease herbs. Brew in a Cup of boiling water 2 tablespoons plantain leaves, mother and stepmother, thyme or breast special collection from the pharmacy. Steep for 20 minutes. Filter the broth and dilute with boiled water at room temperature. Herbal tea will clean the bronchi. In addition, give the child hot milk with honey. Folk remedies can be applied in almost any diagnosis of acute respiratory infections, bronchitis or even pneumonia.
Give mucolytic sredstva if the disease began with a dry cough. It is particularly painful and may not give the child to sleep or to cause vomiting. Use of the ACC, "Bromhexine", tincture of licorice root, "Mukaltin" that contribute to liquefaction of sputum. Powder, "ACC" dissolve in the water. It is easy to give the kids, as he is often a pleasant fruity taste. "Bromhexine" select syrup. Tablets or solution children drink less willingly. Pill "Mukaltin" it is necessary to dissolve in a glass of water, but the taste is not very pleasant. Give syrup of licorice root, if you want both mucolytic and immunomodulating action. All of these drugs are approved for treatment of children.
If dry cough tormented child, use non-narcotic antitussives. Give your patient a medication that contains the active ingredients glaucine, oxeladin or butamirat. The principle of action of such drugs based on the fact that they block the cough reflex at the level of the brain. But it does not occur addiction. Although this drug is relatively safe, it is better to have them prescribed by a doctor.
If severe cold use a combination of drugs. Tools such as "Codelac phyto" or "Dr. mom" at the same time possess antitussive, mucolytic, expectorant, bronchodilator and anti-inflammatory action.
Urgent call the doctor if the cough began at an infant under one year or in children with chronic diseases. There is a serious reason for anxiety, if a baby has a fever above 38 degrees, or have shortness of breath.