Causes of dry cough without fever in children

Causes of dry cough without fever in children are very diverse: inflammation, Allergy, Smoking others, prolonged contact with dust. In some cases, the medication is meaningless, and the development of bronchitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, tracheitis and laryngitis without antibiotics not to manage.

Colds due to viral infection is the most common cause of dry cough in children, occurring usually without fever. The disease is also seen with a sore throat or a slight irritation, which gradually becomes a cough. Gradually the cough becomes wet, and after a few days of starting treatment eroding.

The flu virus can cause a dry cough in a child. Symptoms are similar to those of colds, but the child feels much worse. The flu starts with a dry and hoarse cough, which gradually turns into moist and productive.

The stimuli of the environment can cause a dry cough in a child, occurring without fever. Especially sensitive to cigarette smoke, hot or dry air, strong odors of chemicals small children.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease occurs when the penetration of gastric acid and stomach contents into the esophagus. This is accompanied by burning, excessive drooling and even vomiting. Stomach acid irritates the throat and leads to the development of dry cough in children.

Dry child cough symptom whooping cough - a contagious bacterial infection of the respiratory system. The so-called "pertussis cough" is accompanied by a characteristic buzzing sound, watery eyes, bluish appearance of saliva and protrusion of the tongue out.

Treatment of dry cough in children

Dry cough in children without fever requires the use of large amounts of fluid for the formation of phlegm.

The use of medications to children under 2 years is not recommended. For the older children used for the treatment of dry cough without fever drug "Robitussin", which blocks the reflexes of coughing and suspension "Delsym", saving the child from suffering for 12 hours.

Homemade ways to treat dry cough - steam inhalation with automatic humidification to open nasal passages and relieve irritation in the throat. Recipe of folk medicine for a dry cough: mix a spoon of honey with juice of one lemon and take up to his disappearance. You should give the child plenty of fluids to remove toxins from the child's body. Children older than five years are allowed to suck lollipops and cough drops.