Treatment of cough in a six-month child must be aimed at eliminating the causes of disease, not to repay the symptom. To alleviate the situation a little patient, you can use several techniques.
If the cough is caused by bronchitis, often take the baby and Pat him on the back, it will help to clear the bronchi. More often poite baby, the fluid displays the body of toxins and help to loosen the phlegm. Bronchitis children usually prescribe antibiotics, antihistamines and expectorants medicine.
If the cough came from a six-month child on the background of acute respiratory diseases, it is possible to use as an expectorant decoction mother and stepmother, plantain juice, fruit extract of anise. Don't forget that all new products (including medicinal teas), the child should be given, starting with small test doses to make sure of no allergies. But these tools serve only as an auxiliary, and limit treatment only to the people's recipes do not. The effect of decoctions of medicinal herbs has a short validity period, and the increase in the number of techniques will cause excessive mucus which the body of a small child will not be able to cope on their own.
As the primary means to treat cough in acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections to children usually appoint "Acetylcysteine" or "Ambroxol". These funds have the ability to phlegm, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. What drug should be taken in your particular case and what dosages, will determine your doctor.
For a comprehensive treatment of cough in a six-month children, it is recommended to use at home and a gentle massage of the chest. Such action will help to improve expectoration.
Do massage lightly, stroking in a clockwise direction to combine with tapping and patting movements. Escort and massage of reflex zones (for example, feet). The effectiveness of massage can be increased by using herbal balm "Bronchicum" or "Dr. mom".