What to do if you experience a cough

The main cause of cough is considered to be a viral infection. It is absolutely impossible to treat with antibiotics – not least because the cough clears the bronchi and lungs. In the suppression of cough eliminated natural protection against serious bacterial infections such as pneumonia.

If you are not able to see your child suffer and can't sleep at night due to severe coughing, in which case you should start to take action.

To help your child sleep

The first recommendation is traditional: drink more water. The fluid not only to mitigate the cough, but will help remove phlegm. As a sedative helps a hot drink – milk with honey and butter, cranberry juice or herbal infusion of expectorant herbs. This drink will help to moisten the throat, thereby loosening the cough.

The second recommendation is to keep the nose clean. Clogged nose will lead to the fact that the child will start breathing through your mouth, leading to dryness of the oral cavity and throat. To do this, before sleep, be sure to clean the nose of the baby and, if necessary, bury children's vasoconstrictive drops. Or rinse your nose with salt solution.

The third recommendation is to lower the temperature in the room. The hot air in the room can enhance the cough and cool is more humid, which is necessary in this situation. Not only is the use of artificial devices for air humidification, as they are much faster breed bacteria and mold.

The fourth recommendation is not to RUB the chest of the baby for the night. The ointment does not affect nocturnal cough, but inhalation of its vapors can cause pneumonia.

General tips when night cough child could be next. If you are absolutely sure that your baby has allergies, the cough should stop using antihistamines. But before applying make sure you read the user manual not to accidentally give a child an adult medication and precisely follow the dosage.

If the baby does not sleep for several nights, try to give him drugs containing dextromethorphan and guaifenesin. These medications soften the phlegm and ease the cough. They, of course, will not give absolute effect, but this circumstance is considered an advantage, as they completely suppress the cough, is prohibited.

Remember that giving the child up to 1 year potent drugs against cough is prohibited, as their impact may affect the breathing of the baby.