Causes of cough in infants

Most often, a cough is a symptom of acute respiratory infections, in which inflammation affects the respiratory organs.

Also the reason for cough may be the inflammation of the respiratory organs and the enlargement of adenoids.

Coughing with signs of asphyxiation occurs when it enters into the trachea or bronchus foreign body. In this case, need immediate medical attention, since there is a serious threat to the life of the newborn.
The baby is able to cough and get rid of the foreign body.

Effective cough remedies for infants

First of all, you need to establish the reason for any cough. Experienced professional after the examination of your baby will prescribe the right treatment for quick recovery from an unpleasant symptom. Should not self-medicate before the arrival of the doctor, as may occur adverse effects.

Before the arrival of the pediatrician to take the child in her arms and gently Pat on the back. These massage movements help to get out accumulated mucus, cleansing the respiratory tract.

The air in the room with a sick baby needs to be sufficiently damp, so in winter time on the battery it is necessary to impose wet towels or use a humidifier.
Dry air will cause frequent coughing spells.

For infants the ideal means to liquefy phlegm expectoration and effective use of drugs based on herbal plants. As a rule, decoction mother and stepmother, elecampane, anise, thyme, rosemary, licorice, marshmallow, etc. Modern cough syrup for kids is "Geelix", which is due to the useful properties of ivy increases the amount of mucus, strengthens the contraction of the bronchi and helps to release phlegm from the body.

Infant coughing can RUB the chest and back and "Vitaon". It contains a large number of medicinal plants and essential oils that reduce inflammation and improve the condition of the baby.

In the absence of temperature an effective hot compress. For example, spread a cabbage leaf with honey and applying to the breast a child. Top fix the compress with a bandage and put babies to sleep. In the morning the skin under the leaf turns pink.

During illness give the baby to drink plenty of liquids, which irrigates the throat and dryness in the mouth. The drink should be warm, otherwise the mucous membrane is irritated, increasing the pain.