You will need
  • tea;
  • - milk;
  • boiled potatoes;
  • inhaler;
  • - tea tree oil;
  • - medicines;
  • - badger fat.
Give your child before bedtime tea or heated milk. A warm drink soothes a hard cough. To cure this way the child will not work, but to facilitate his dream is quite real.
Maintain adequate indoor humidity and average temperatures necessarily airing the room before going to sleep. Warm and dry the air you breathe in homes in the winter also causes of night cough have children.
Cook in a pan the potatoes and let the kid breathe over the still hot broth. Such steam inhalations are already at school age, little children may just get burned, breathing in the hot steam too. It is necessary that the child breathed through the mouth.
Use special inhalers after the child reaches two years. In this case the cough use inhalation with oils of tea tree and special medicines. Avoid inhalation just before sleep, as they help to facilitate expectoration, and in the lying position she continues to irritate the throat. Therefore, it is best to carry out the procedure a few hours before bedtime.
RUB the chest and back child that is already laid in bed, warming means, the most famous of which is badger fat. Mustard and banks in childhood cough are not used.