To prevent yellowing of the hair before painting will determine how healthy your hairis, and how uniformly they will be dyed. Start bleaching only in case if the scalp is completely healthy, and you also had a course of strengthening and restoring hair. Never lighten hair, relaxed, permed, and similar procedures.
Lighten hair properly – apply paint on the back of the hair in the first place, and then lighten the middle part. In the end, apply the dye on the bangs and temples. Procrasinate all the strands to achieve a uniform lightness.
When re-painting to get rid of the yellowness, color first the roots and then the tips of the hair.
Pick up for clarification of special paint, which not only lightens hair, but would give them additional beautiful shadewhich you can choose from the palette. Thus, you can become a platinum blonde and get rid of the unwanted yellow.
If the hair, no matter what, has acquired a yellow hue, use a toning shampoo desired shade of blonde, mixing it with ordinary shampoo in the ratio 1:3. A few minutes pass the hair, then rinse. Ash and silver shades allow you to neutralize the yellow.
Every three to four wash, apply this remedy, and soon the yellow will disappear. Warmer than the natural shade of your hair, the cooler should be the shade of the chosen colors – silver, platinum, blue. These shades prevents the appearance of yellow strands.
In addition to toning shampoo, you can help professional tinted balms and silver shampoo with violet pigment, created to combat the yellowness. Such composition is in the shampoos for gray hair, and if you use them, hold these shampoos on the hair a few minutes so as not to cause unnatural color.