To remove yellowness of hair, you must apply a honey mask, only part of which is the honey, and any and lime, and flower, and bee.
Further hairyou should be hidden under a hat (special cosmetic or homemade from a plastic bag) for 10-12 hours.
After this time honey mask with hair should be washed with warm water.
This folk remedy for ridding the hair of yellowness is best applied at night. Honey mask not only removes the yellowness from the hair, but also makes them shiny and healthy.
To remove the yellowness from the hair and help give your hairam a rich Golden hue. Of course, hairs will not be white, and the more ash, but vulgar yellowness will disappear from them for sure.
To implement his plan with this method of onion peel you should prepare quite concentrated broth.
This folk remedy as a mask should be applied evenly on hair.
A concentrated decoction of onion peel should be left on the hairAh all night and in the morning rinse with warm water.
Of course, to remove yellowness of hair better with the help of folk remedies that will not bring them any harm. Unlike tonics, shampoos and clarifiers, folk remedies can not only make hairs more natural, but also significantly improve their condition.