Very often when dealing with yellow hair should implement a series of actions until staining. Before you begin brightening, you need to nourish hair, treat them with special balms and masks for hair. After them easier bleaching hair, because they will not suffer additional stress.

In addition, the bleaching process also has a number of specific characteristics. You must clearly ponimat where you should start to apply the reagent. First and foremost, clarification is better to start from the back because that is where there is the most long-lasting lightening. Only then can you move to the middle of the head and the end part on the temporal and frontal. The latest clarification will be the tips of the hair, with much less water and are more subject to rapid discoloration.

However, it so happens that despite all preventive measures, after bleaching hair to begin to show the hated yellow. This is because hair often influenced by external factors: ultraviolet light, chlorine in water, lack of nutrition and hydration. To get rid of the yellowness, you should make some manipulation:

- First and foremost, to change the usual shampoo for one that contains silver or purple. This shampoo can be found in professional stores. It affects the yellow pigment, and replaces them with light.

- Use the tone of hair in a palette of purple, grey or ivory shades. This will help to avoid yellowing. But we must remember that after bleaching hair is prone to rapid staining and I love to turn unexpected colors, so you need to act according to the instructions.

- Use specially filtered water without chlorine.

If you perform all of the actions regularly, you dream to be a platinum blonde turns and life can change dramatically for the better.