Advice 1: How to install the mosquito net on the window

Summer finally came, and with him brought home, sun, good weather and insects. Of course, with the first three points are all excited, but the fourth usually prevents enjoy the rest of it. And at the first desire to open the window and let fresh air in with him, we encourage intruders. The most common and easy way of dealing with flying creatures is framed mosquito net. But how to install it on your window this unit?
How to install the mosquito net on the window
Just call the master if there is no desire to do this procedure yourself. Generally, all companies engaged in the installation Windows, and provide this service including.
Unlike the installation of Windows, no need to sign up and get in the queue, as often happens with the installation of the window frames. Specialist will work on the day of challenge, and this will take him no more than twenty minutes.
Choose your mesh, if you have decided to set the grid, and buy it. Make sure that the grid exactly fits your window frame if the grid is big or small, there is a chance that you will one day lose her.
How to install mosquito <b>grid</b> <strong>window</strong>
Prepare the sill to be installed, and "high-rise". You do not need any special equipment (except a screwdriver), but best of all ask someone to follow you - emergency situations are always.
Fully open the windowand, if possible, altogether to remove it. The most simple of meshes are simply attached to the frame by Velcro, clips or rope fasteners. Install on the outside of the window frame grid depending on your model of attachment. In some cases, it may be screwed (just here and need a screwdriver) attached to the fasteners. In this case the installation will take 10 minutes more, but still this process is so complex.
How to install mosquito <b>grid</b> <strong>window</strong>

Advice 2 : How to make a mosquito net

As soon as summer begins, there is a problem with flying insects. And if you still have no protection against them, it's time to think about how to make mosquito mesh. Self-manufacture good removable mesh will cost you not much cheaper than the ready-made product bought at the store.
How to make a mosquito net
You will need
  • roulette;
  • — aluminium profile with groove for rubber cord;
  • — cross member with two grooves;
  • — clips for mounting (T-terminals);
  • — handle;
  • — hooks;
  • mesh (fiberglass).
Make the measurement Windows, just open the window and measure with a tape the flap part of the frame from the inside. Note that the mosquito mesh must be done at least 30 mm more in height and 40 mm in width, so that it was overlapping. For example, for window sizes 1200х400 mm make the grid dimensions 1230х440 mm.
Take the aluminum profiles and cut blanks of the desired length. Note the perpendicularity of the cuts, all the ends of vieraita by means of a square, otherwise the finished mesh to get distorted. In order to calculate the length of each element, subtract from the total length (or width) of 60 mm Transom (the crossbar) do 55 mm shorter than the total width.
Grab the corner connectors and using a hammer or mallet assemble a rectangular frame. See to it that the groove for the rubber cord on the rails coincided with the groove of the corners.
Beat in the ends of the mullion latch for fastening (T-terminal) and connect it to the frame in the middle. Note the orientation of the T-terminals in the end of the cord grooves must match the grooves on the frame.
Cut out two pieces of mesh on the upper and lower half, each side will provide a margin of at least 4 cm Stretch mesh on the frame, pressing it into the groove with the cord. Ask your assistant to pull the mesh and ensure that it does not shift. Trim the excess mesh with a knife, leaving a small allowance to the edges of the frame sides (in case the frame will SAG and will not close the gap tight).
Insert the handle in the center to a homemade mosquito mesh can be easily installed and removed from the window. Note that the handle must be directed inside the frame.
Install the mounting hooks from the outside of the window frame to secure the mesh. First, screw the screws bottom mounting with bottom shelves, then the top – so they kept the design only the tips of long shelves (3-4 mm).
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