Advice 1: How to install the mosquito net on the window

Summer finally came, and with him brought home, sun, good weather and insects. Of course, with the first three points are all excited, but the fourth usually prevents enjoy the rest of it. And at the first desire to open the window and let fresh air in with him, we encourage intruders. The most common and easy way of dealing with flying creatures is framed mosquito net. But how to install it on your window this unit?
How to install the mosquito net on the window
Just call the master if there is no desire to do this procedure yourself. Generally, all companies engaged in the installation Windows, and provide this service including.
Unlike the installation of Windows, no need to sign up and get in the queue, as often happens with the installation of the window frames. Specialist will work on the day of challenge, and this will take him no more than twenty minutes.
Choose your mesh, if you have decided to set the grid, and buy it. Make sure that the grid exactly fits your window frame if the grid is big or small, there is a chance that you will one day lose her.
How to install mosquito <b>grid</b> <strong>window</strong>
Prepare the sill to be installed, and "high-rise". You do not need any special equipment (except a screwdriver), but best of all ask someone to follow you - emergency situations are always.
Fully open the windowand, if possible, altogether to remove it. The most simple of meshes are simply attached to the frame by Velcro, clips or rope fasteners. Install on the outside of the window frame grid depending on your model of attachment. In some cases, it may be screwed (just here and need a screwdriver) attached to the fasteners. In this case the installation will take 10 minutes more, but still this process is so complex.
How to install mosquito <b>grid</b> <strong>window</strong>

Advice 2 : How to fix a mosquito net on the plastic window

The easiest way to protect the premises against flies and mosquitoes is to install on the window mosquito net. If the frame is made of metal, there are two acceptable solutions to this problem.
There are two ways to install plastic window mosquito net
Properly staffed unit plastic box must include an element such as corners, fasteners and frame with a mosquito net. If the window is set to "turnkey", the employees themselves attach all the components. If the Assembly was performed independently or window in the new apartment without corners and frames with mesh, works for the protection of the premises will need to perform with their hands.

How to install mesh on a plastic box with components?

First of all, you need to choose the net. There are several possible variants of this material. For example, it is possible to buy the mesh panel "Anticosti", which will not only protect the room from insects, but will also prevent the loss of a pet who committed careless driving (for example, fascinated by the observation of birds). Quality mesh "Dust" flawlessly will last for years. But I think the best tight MICRO MECH, as the size of its mesh is the smallest.

Selecting the mesh, start taking measurements from the window and the frame fabrication. In companies for the production and installation of plastic Windows, buy plastic or metal profile with a rib height of 25 mm. It it is made from frames for mosquito nets. There is need to purchase the rest of accessories: fasteners and Z-shaped corners.

At first mount the frame. It consists of two parts, the smaller of which fits into a large and securely locks between the edges of the mosquito net. Making a frame, measure the window and find out the required size of the canvas. Install it between the frames of the profile. Then the finished product is applied to the outer side of the sash and mark the locations of the corners that attach to the plastic housing of the unit with small screws.

Another way to set the grid on a plastic window

If you do not want to drill holes in a window unit that is required for mounting of Z-shaped angles, you need to buy a grid that is fixed in position with adhesive tape. In the set up of cloths are required for installation of moskitki details.

You'll need a solvent or any other means by which you can clean and degrease the window frame. Then cut mosquito the canvas of the right size, measure out the desired length of adhesive tape and use it to attach the mesh to the perimeter of the sash from its outer side. It is important to prevent the formation of gaps, through which can penetrate insects.
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