You will need
  • hacksaw, tape measure, square, utility knife, hammer, marker, mosquito net.
Carrying out measurements in accordance with the window frame or window opening, which will be installed mesh.The measurements are transferred to the parts on the frame. It can be of two types – aluminium profile with groove for rubber bands or wood. Usually convenient to carry out the construction of a grid with four components. If you are pretty well versed in joinery, this design can provide a transom. The frame elements connecting the corner ties in the first embodiment (with aluminum profile) and with nails (the second option).
Installation the design of the mosquito satkali you decided to insert it in the first profile, you will have to use small screws or delicate duplicate layer (depends on the strength of attachment). If you are using wooden structures it is necessary to impose a grid on the frame. On the net put beads or thin strips of wood or plastic, nail a small nail and pull the mesh when it's fixed.
Securing setkids that you may need hooks. Conduct mount the already assembled structure stands on either side of the window. It depends on which side of the open frame.