You will need
  • - Mosquito net directly;
  • - Glue or tape;
  • - A pair of scissors.
If your plastic window has a mosquito net, you can correct this disadvantage. Take measurement of the window opening where you plan to set the grid. Data must be accurate, an error of even a few millimeters will give you a lot of headaches. Cut the mesh may not be suitable for the window material will be wasted.
After the measurement, record the data on paper, take the scissors and cut the mesh to the shape of the window given its size. Leave a small margin of several centimeters on the perimeter, which will be used for attachment to the window frame. Next, start the installation of the mosquito nets.
Fixing mosquito nets should not be done alone, you will still need help. One person should hold her, smoothing out around the perimeter and making sure to leave no gaps, and other places for insects. For fastening you can use tape or glue. Importantly, the surface of the plastic window was broken. Secure the corners. Carefully look around the result. If all goes well, the mosquitoes and the flies in your home will be ordered.
You can also order to go make yourself a frame from reek in the size of the window. And the frame with the buttons, studs or glue to pull the mosquito net. But with the measurements be very precise to the frame was no more and no less of the window opening. This alternative is more civilized than the first.