You will need
  • - green tea
  • - red pepper
  • - dairy products
Drink plenty of green tea and pure table water, as the shortage of liquid the liver fails to the extent necessary to produce bile, which is necessary for breaking down entering the body difficult fats consequently, it affects a slowdown in metabolism.
According to studies, red pepper is 23% improves digestive processes, and therefore regularly use it in food.
If you have the opportunity, every day, eat dairy products and milk, which will greatly increase your metabolism and help the body to actively burn excess fat.
Good helpers that you could increase your metabolism – Breakfast, during which the body activates digestion. That is why Breakfast is so important to maintain weight in the normal range.
To metabolism throughout the day was active as long as possible – eat 5-6 times, but in small portions.
Refrain from exhausting diets. If you're hungry, the body will be forced to slow down all the processes, including metabolism. After finishing such diets the body begins to accumulate fat deposits in case of repeated hunger strikes. Therefore, to save the results, obtained by exhausting diets is almost impossible.
Try to be less nervous and resist stress, as they not only affect your health but also slow the metabolism.
You can increase your metabolism a variety of physical activities and sports. However, it is necessary to take into account that over time the body gets used to repetitive loads. Because alternate different types of physical activity, for example, training in the gym with aerobics, swimming, running, walking, gymnastics or dance.