One of the first domestic medicines for weight loss – "reduksin". Its active ingredient sibutramine is part of many similar drugs that differ only in the price for the advertised brand. For example, the popular German drug "meridia" essentially the same "useless", only a third more expensive. "Reduksin" appetite suppressant for a long time creating a feeling of satiety. Man begins much eat less and lose weight. In addition, the drug causes the body to spend more energy, and he loses weight even faster. But these pills can not be applied to hypertensive, heart disease, and people with a sick liver, kidneys.
Drug "L-thyroxine", which is a thyroid hormone artificially forces her to work in the strengthened mode. A high concentration of hormones of this gland dramatically increases the rate of metabolism and promotes weight loss. "L-thyroxine" should be taken very cautiously, especially in close combination with "Clenbuterol", because often there insomnia, tachycardia, excessive sweating, strong hunger, irritability. In addition, a person difficult to tolerate the abolition of the tablets. Their long reception can lead to the opposite effect: hypothyroidism and inhibition of metabolism.
A large group of drugs are the anabolic steroids, on the basis of male sex hormones. "Anavar", "Anadrol", "Danabol", "Methylandrostan" and many others are very effectively dispersed the speed of metabolism, build strong muscles and therefore popular among athletes. But, as anabolic steroids need to take a long time, they violate the hormonal balance, especially the female body, which becomes similar to the male. At the end of their reception, the metabolism slows down by half, and develops obesity. In addition, these pills detrimental to the liver.
The rage today is "Chromium picolinate". There is a perception that it's chromium plays a dominant role in metabolism. In fact, this element does not accelerate, it just needs to be present to confront them.
Really significant advantages of vested with "Glucophage". This drug does not so much contributes to weight loss how effectively normalizes metabolism. It activates the production of glucose, thereby reducing insulin levels in the blood, while increasing which are deposited fats. But "Glucophage" you can't take the illness of the kidneys or cardiovascular system.
Otherwise there is "Lecithin", which consists of phospholipids –"building blocks" of cells. Their deficit in the bile is difficult to digestion of fats. "Lecithin" regulates metabolism, reducing the level of "bad" cholesterol in the blood. In addition, this drug is the great protector of the liver. Contraindications for its reception it is not revealed.
One of the most popular drugs for weight loss Swiss "xenical". It inhibits lipase, which promote the assimilation of fat by the body. Valuable that the capsules are not absorbed into the blood and are not addictive. Moreover, the drug is not contraindicated for hypertensive patients. But its forbidden in the gall bladder, disorders of intestinal absorption.
There are still a number of drugs of similar therapeutic effect but different mechanism of action: "Orsten", "Burdock", "Glyukosil", etc. each of them has its own characteristics and contraindications. Popular and complex preparations ", Metabolin", "Pinotel Balance". It is a kind of biological cocktails – suppliers of protein, phospholipids, amino acids, minerals, vitamins.