Morning meal speeds up the metabolic processes in the body. Don't forget to eat Breakfast a light low-calorie products. Eat small portions five times a day. Preferably eliminate from your diet harmful products. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, they contain a large amount of ballast substancesthat stimulate digestion and hasten the withdrawal of unnecessary waste from the body.
If you have problems with excess weight, stick to a light diet. With the departure of the extra pounds you will feel better health, and the exchange of substances will accelerate. Fat deposits prevent normal blood circulation and slows down digestion, so it is especially important to gradually begin to lose weight, preferably under the supervision of a specialist.
Do moderate exercise. No need to wear down the body hours exercise in the gym, just do regular Hiking, swimming pool visit or to do morning exercises.
If possible, go to the bath. Steam opens the pores and promotes the elimination of toxins. Can be rubbed into the skin honey, if you don't have allergies. Honey massages are the best way affect your overall health and eliminate toxic substances.
Water is involved in metabolic processes of the body and is an essential substancesohms. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of liquids a day. Limit consumption of carbonated drinks, better replace them with teas, juices and fruit drinks.
Try to avoid stressful situations, they completely unsettle the entire body. Take light sedatives, walk and enjoy life.