Advice 1: How to change resolution in the game

In any modern computer game it is possible to change the resolution of the screen. This allows you to sync it with that set as a monitor. You can make the resolution higher than necessary to improve the quality of the picture or below - this will increase computer performance. For this you need to change certain settings of the game through a special interface.
Changing the resolution is one of the standard graphics settings of any game.
You will need
  • 1. Personal computer.
  • 2. Computer game.
First look in the game folder if there is file with name like "cofig.exe", "configure.exe", "setting.exe" or "setup.exe". Such names usually have the file running menu game settings without launching the game. In the section under the name "video" or "graphics" select the desired resolution and save the changes.
If there is no such file, run the game itself. In the appeared interface, click "settings". There will be presented the different sections: adjust sound, control and video settings. Selecting graphics settings, set the desired resolution and save the result.
The resolution can be changed manually, without using special interfaces. In the game folder usually there is a file called "config.ini", "setting.ini", etc., you can open It with Notepad and find the section with graphics settings. It is possible to rewrite the resolution selected for the required (for example, from 1024x768 to 1920x1080). Then, close the file, saving your changes.
If the settings change to make during gameplay, the game can automatically reload the level and you will start from the last saved point. Therefore it is better to change the resolution before playing.
Useful advice
To view and modify additional settings associated with the resolution in games, go to the settings of your graphics card driver.

Advice 2 : How to change the screen resolution in the game

How often the settings for programs and games default bring discomfort? Most of the time. This is especially noticeable in games, when the settings screenand does not match the resolution of your monitor. It interferes with normal play, bad for vision and spoils the overall impression of the game. But anyone can correct this unpleasant moment and to take care of your health and comfort.
How to change the screen resolution in the game
The developers creating the game and preparing it for release, put the average values in the settings screen, sound and controls. Unfortunately, few users change these settings, thinking that the developers took care of everything to make it better is impossible.
To begin to find out the resolution of your monitor. Find the box and papers from him. All of this should you be kept from the date of purchase. In documents or on the box indicated the correct resolution of your monitor. It was under him and should all be customized. If you have not, fix this bug for his own good.
Now start the game. Typically, first menu appears. It has a "settings" or "options". Go to it. Now select "settingsmap screen", for the item "video". Here, as a rule, it is possible to configure the resolution.
Select the digits corresponding to your monitor. If not, find another value as close as possible to your metrics. Click "OK". If necessary, restart the game. Now your eyes will be much nicer and more comfortable, and you will get more enjoyment from the game.
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